Traditional Japanese Hina-dolls get a makeoverひな人形
March 3rd is an important day for little girls in Japan, when the Hina Matsuri (ひな祭り) or Girl's Festival is celebrated. 

Along with traditional foods and activities, one of THE most important parts of the celebration is setting up a special Hina-doll display in your home. 

These are an important investment, typically made at the time of a daughter's birth - and one that is treasured and passed down for many years. 

When Japan's famed traditional doll maker Tokunaga Koinobori decided it was time for a modern version of their HINA dolls - they put Kukkia Japan to the task of both designing and producing a custom piece.

This item was created under their modern, playful brand Puca.

And here is the final product : Puca Hina Doll set, designed and produced by Kukkia.
We know we're a bit biased, but aren't they sooo kawaii ??!  

October 16, 2020 —

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